Peer Review Response

Process Post #4: Response to Kim’s Peer Review:

Hi Kim, thank you for the awesome feedback, here’s my response to it overall!

I loved what you said about taking your suggestions as a seed and planting them in my digital garden as I saw, fit, I think that’s such a lovely connection to the readings we’ve been doing and a very poetic and constructive way of looking at things. I also love the thought of a garden with seeds of thoughts and ideas from many different people, with many different plants at different stages of growth.

Thank you! I really like the idea of posts being a new chapter in the novel of “Emily” or something along those lines. I think this course is especially exciting because we get to see the full book at the end, and read the whole journey.

I’m totally going to consider this and making a different page for my welcome page, I’ve been thinking about it since week one. I think I did it in this way because my first blog post ended up being kind of what i wanted my home page to say, so I ended up linking it as the “welcome” page, but maybe that functionality isn’t there.

I think that both of these points are really powerful, and I’m really going to try to have a little bit more confidence. I also kind of think that the insecurity is kind of an aspect of the blog though, where I try to connect to the reader through their own insecurities and embarrassing moments, or lessons that need to be learned. I’m definitely going to think about this in my posts though.

Thank you, Kim, I’ll totally take that into consideration, I really like having visuals in the posts as well, I think it makes a post much easier to read for some reason!

Overall, thank you so much for the feedback Kim, I really appreciate having another opinion to work off of, and some new little “seeds” and thoughts to work with!


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