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Process Post #3

For this week’s process post, I decided to make a site map and show the connections/navigation path of my blog. To start with we have the Main Character home page, which displays all of the posts in the blog, then, the site divides into four sub-categories through the top menu bar. First, we have the welcome page, with a longer explanation of what the Main Character blog is and what my intent here is as the writer. Next, we have the about page where I talk a bit more about myself and my interests and life. Third, we have the Main Character Posts page, where all of the blog posts will be organized. Finally, we have the PUB 101 section. This section will have all of the more academic posts for the course, and has a drop-down bar of its own in the menu, with sections for Process Posts, Mini Assignments, Peer Reviews, and Essays. I think this is a pretty clear layout so I’m hoping no one will have trouble navigating the site.

I have a small header bar as well with links to my LinkedIn, Instagram, and my blog’s Pinterest board, if anyone is interested in seeing them. My Pinterest is where my vision board for my blog is, so I think readers might be interested in visiting, and if I can get it to work, maybe even contributing their own pins. I’m really excited to see how the site and Pinterest board develop, and where this project takes me.

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