Mini Meme

Mini Assignment #1/Blog Post #2

This week I created a meme for the class that I think represents some of what my blog is trying to say. It might not be as effective for people that don’t like Harry Potter, but I hope that a lot of people and readers will be able to relate.

Here’s my meme! I think it’s funny because a lot of us don’t feel really important, and we can even feel like a background character in our own lives, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t the main character. I made a reference to being a “nameless Hufflepuff” because the world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts is full of nameless students who just fill in the background, and specifically, Hufflepuff house has very few characters, let alone main characters.

I think for a long time I’ve had myself convinced that I’m just a passenger in my own life as it ticks on around me, and poor me I’m so unseen and misunderstood and the popular guy didn’t like me, etcetera etcetera. But looking at this trend on social media of *Songs that make me feel like the main character* or *Aesthetics that make me feel like the main character* kind of inspired me to look at my own life and see what stands out, not what makes me fade into the background. Anyway, I really like this meme and I hope you do too! Hopefully, it at least made you smirk and exhale through your nose LOL.

The Lead Image is taken from The meme in the body of the post is made by myself, just to be clear!

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