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Process Post #11

For this process post I will be discussing the reading we were given on transmedia storytelling, and the ideas I have for making my own transmedia links.

So, the reading uses Pokemon as an example for transmedia storytelling, in which Pokemon crosses different platforms and realities. Pokemon is a video-game series, a tv show, it has a movie series, and graphic novels/books, as well as countless physical memorabilia like clothing, toys, pillows, etc. The way I think of it, if you didn’t want to, you would never have to leave the Pokemon universe. There is always more content to engage with. Now, I wouldn’t be able to make a multi-billion dollar franchise and beloved video-game series, card games, tv series etc. But I do have a few ideas in mind for how I can create content on different platforms, and make different “episodes” that still hold up on their own.

Firstly, I actually hope to start creating Youtube videos in which I use the same concept, of lessons on how to be the min character, and different videos featuring great female characters, as well as personal storytimes and funny experiences from my own life. There are many examples of this on Youtube so I believe there is a market for this type of content. Here are a couple of different examples of types of videos I could potentially make.

Another idea I had was to make Buzzfeed quizzes that will sort which badass character you are, like Elle Woods, Cristina Yang, Hermione Granger, Donna Meagle, etc. or a cool main character trait that you have that is dominant like I wrote about in my 5 Characters, 5 Characteristics blog post. here are some examples of the types of quizzes I could create.

Lately, in terms of transmedia storytelling, I have been linking out to youtube videos with great moments of different characters, relating personal stories to fictional examples (and linking to character wiki pages), and trying to connect with the audiences from those fictional works. With all of these new ideas though, I’m very interested in seeing where my content could go!

References 2013. ‚ÄúPokemon as transmedia storytelling.

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