For my self-assessment, I would give myself a 4.5 out of 5. I feel that If you were to look at my effort and commitment to the project, you would see that I’m really passionate about my blog and that I’ve put a lot of heart and time into it. I’ve taken feedback from my peers and TA and improved my blog with it. I’ve tried to engage with course content and readings in meaningful ways, as well as link out and connect to different communities and audiences and make a strong transmedia storytelling universe. I’ve definitely been at the lower end of participation in lectures, but I’ve been present at every lecture and tutorial and tried to show my effort in every other avenue possible. I’m just a naturally shy person, and I’m having an especially hard time with online school in general and taking 5 classes on top of that. I don’t say that to make excuses, just to say that I understand my weaknesses, have taken off marks for them, and I’ve tried to make up for them in other ways.

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