Peer Review Response

Process Post #7/Peer Review #2 Response

Today I will be looking over the second peer review for my blog, by Siobhan Board. I was really happy to see that Siobhan enjoyed my content and humour and that she likes the topic.

In general, I think that Siobhan really appreciated what I’m working towards and could only think of a couple things to improve on or alter in her opinion.

Siobhan critiques that perhaps it’s a good idea to move away from the dark theme (dark background with white writing), and references Nesha Zoric’s article, and I completely understand that people may be generally more attracted to blues and light colours. However, I am an avid e-reader myself, and I think myself and many other readers prefer dark mode when enjoying a book, because it’s easy on the eyes and makes it easier to read, which I wanted to imitate. I wanted to give this feeling that you’re enjoying a good book, which I hope I managed to deliver.

I’ve gotten the critique a couple of times now that more pictures and gifs etc. could really liven up my blog, and I am most definitely going to make a big effort to spice things up and add imagery, while making sure everything is consistent and not messy.

Overall, I’m very happy to have Siobhan’s feedback and I’ll be working with it in mind as I go forward. I think the most reassuring thing is that there’s someone out there that understood what I was trying to do, and even enjoyed it. I think this blogging process makes you very vulnerable, so it’s really lovely to know I’m doing alright.

Thank you, Siobhan for the feedback, and I wish you luck with your blog, “Humans of Whistler” as we get deeper into the semester! I think you have an awesome concept, and I can’t wait to see where you take it by the end of the term!


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