To Post Or Not To Post

Process Post #5

I think that I agree with Boyd’s (2014) reading on public spaces and audiences in that I feel like on Facebook, Instagram, basically, any platform I use, I feel like my audience is so personal, and there’s so much opportunity for people to judge me. As a result, I don’t post very much and the things that I do post, I am very careful with. I avoid posting things that are very personal or potentially embarrassing. On the other hand, I really appreciate the anonymity of my blog, I feel like those who make an effort to engage with it are likely to be more accepting, and if they aren’t the consequences still aren’t likely to be so severe or to disrupt my life. Just as Manu talks about in Boyd’s reading (2014), I’m far more likely to post general things and posts that I want a lot of people to see on Facebook, such as surveys I’ve created for classes or events that I’m holding, and I post the really intimate or personal things on my blog.

I imagine, as I said, that those who make the effort to read blogs are likely more open-minded and kinder with their reviews than those who only visit public platforms. I think, as a result, I imagine my audience as really kind people, and I normally picture women, just because my content is focused on female empowerment. In connection with that, I suppose I also imagine a more liberal audience, who cares about body positivity and self-love. I can’t imagine people who are against those things would bother to visit my site.

References: Boyd, Danah. 2014 “Searching for a public of their own.” It’s Complicated. pp 213-227

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