Vision Board

This week I worked on two main projects, first the aesthetics and format for my blog itself, and second, my vision board/Pinterest board. I definitely don’t think the work is done here, projects like this are always evolving, but the work I’ve done has already made me really happy.

I went through a few iterations of designs for my blog, and I definitely struggled with choosing a lead image to represent the theme, I must’ve looked at 10 different options. Ultimately, I decided on a row of books as the lead image to represent the storytelling theme, and where you might find a main character. I decided on a dark rather than a light theme, because I’m an avid e-reader myself and I find it so much more comfortable to read white words on a black background, I feel like it makes things a lot more digestible, and also makes my blog stand out a bit from others.

I created a Pinterest and vision board for my blog, also titled “Main Character”. This blog has little quotes, pictures, and videos that give me that feeling or aesthetic that I’m the main character, or that the reader is the main character. I’ve also pinned some fictional characters that I might write about on my blog, to see what lessons we can learn from them. Among the characters are women like Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy, Donna Meagle from Parks and Rec, and Eloise from Bridgerton.

I feel that all of these characters (as well as the others I have pinned) have something to teach us about being/loving yourself and taking your power back. I haven’t yet decided fully if I want to feature male characters in posts, but if I do, I have Percy Jackson from The Lighting Thief series pinned as well, and I think he (and other male characters) could also have some things to teach us.

Overall, I’ve had a lot of fun customizing my blog and creating my vision board this week, and I’m excited to see how both evolve over the semester. I can’t wait to get further into these blog posts and stories and characters.

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