Improvements From Peer Review

Process Post #10/Peer Review #3 Response

This week for my process post I will be looking over the feedback I received from our third round of peer reviews. This round, my blog was critiqued by Amanda Winkle, from “Humanizing“. Amanda gave some great feedback, so I’m very thankful to have had her input.

In terms of my target audience, Amanda found the aim and intent of the blog to be clear. Amanda understood that my target audience is young women, and I think she understood what my mission is and what I set out to do here.

Just as a quick side note, I’m very tempted by the idea of featuring Elle Woods, I love Legally Blonde! Maybe I’ll make “Lessons from Elle” my next blog post!

I very much appreciated what Amanda had to say about my mission statement and blog culture. Weber (2009) discusses how women produced, consumed, and coded texts create an atmosphere of intimacy through our assumed bond of communal longing. I know this sounds gloomy and not very feminist, but stick with me. These women-created texts put our pain and alienation on display, but for good reason. The reading explains that the female experience is a discourse of disappointment, but that disappointment powers our potential, not our misery and isolation. Our disappointment in society and in our culture drives us toward change, and this is what empowered me to create my blog. I want to use humour and pop culture to discuss these difficult issues, and to empower women and myself to rise above the standards we’ve been forced into. Our culture can be one of self-love and connection and humour and sisterhood, rather than disappointment.

The main suggestion for improving my blog that Amanda gave was curating a playlist of songs that make me feel like the Main Character, so I hopped onto Spotify and collected all of my favourite songs made by women. I know a lot of them are cheesy, but these are songs that make me feel empowered and happy, and I think could really add to the atmosphere of the blog. I embedded my Spotify playlist on my home page so that everyone could check it out. I tried adding it to my side bar menu, however, it wouldn’t let me, so the front page will have to do.

Thank you very much for your feedback, Amanda! I really appreciate it and hope that everything goes well with your blog too!


Weber, Brenda. 2009. “The intricacies of an Intimate Public Sphere.” Contemporary Literature 50 (3).

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