Format Improvements

Process Post #8

This week for my process post I’m focusing on the feedback I recently got in one of my tutorials, when the whole class looked over my sight, along with Jaiden, my TA.

So here’s the main points of feedback I was given.

  • Header not super easy to read on the image, particularly the tagline

I’ve added a black box behind the Tagline and Title on my header, so I think it’s much easier to read.

  • Inconsistency with the images for the front page, maybe do a home page instead. Or find some way to make everything match, same size, brand etc. Could find a theme that lets you use same-sized head images, or I could try to resize the images etc. 

I’ve made a static home page, and added a section for latest posts that automatically shows the posts with the same image size. Furthermore, I’m looking into creating my own kind of format that will look even better.

  • Process posts should have a consistent brand you design etc. Image sizes should be the same.

I’m working on adding titles and featured images to all of my posts so that everything is more consistent and organized.

  • Jaiden doesn’t know what the website is about from the get-go, the home page could help. Make what it’s about more obvious, about page doesn’t really say, change about. On the home page, put elevator pitch. 

I’ve added a blurb on the home page to quickly show what the blog is about, and hopefully to hook the reader in.

  • Engage more in process posts, link out to some examples of where I’ve seen things before etc.

I’m going to make more of an effort to find things outside of the course to connect to, possibly some wordpress tutorials i could link and go along with, or other blog’s layouts that I could reference.

  • In blog posts, could incorporate Christina Yang Best Moments video from Youtube to link out, etc. 

I’m linking related videos to each of my fictional character features to add some interest and link out, and I’m considering making a Spotify playlist of “Songs that make me feel like the main character” to put on my home page and set the mood more.

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