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Blog Post #1: Welcome to Main Character

Welcome to Main Character, thanks for visiting! Here at Main Character we want everyone to have the confidence to fully believe they are the main character in their own life, and alongside that, we might give some examples of our own fictional main character favourites, and the lessons we think can be learned from them.

Too often we feel overlooked and let down by life, like we’re just in the background, when in reality, if you take a look, you’ve been the main character all along. Sometimes we need a reality check or someone to prompt us to take a hard look at our lives, and that’s part of what Main Character is here to do. We want to uplift each other and usher in a culture of self-confidence and self-love that is rarely seen, especially among women. As a young woman, I can confidently say that everyday my friends compliment me and uplift me, but I have a hard time seeing myself the way they do, and so, this blog is as much for me as it is for you.

Thanks for coming and I hope to entertain and have fun in this process alongside you, reader. Remember, we are all the Main Characters of our own stories. We just have to learn to act like it.



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