Lessons From Black Widow

Mini Assignment #2/Blog Post #3

I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing here, writing a post for this little blog, but I’ll give it a shot. My name is Natasha Romanov, but I’m better known as the Black Widow. I was asked to talk about some of the things I’ve learned about living life to the fullest, so here I am.

I’ve done a lot of things throughout my life, I’ve travelled the world, saved and taken lives, and had a million different faces. I’ve worked alone and I’ve worked in a team. I’ve been an assassin and I’ve been an Avenger. Throughout it all, I’ve learned two things.

First, I’ve learned that women are vastly underestimated. Perhaps this is just the course of history, but they never suspect the woman of being the assassin or the spy. People have paid for that assumption. One would think that in these modern times women are given a little bit more credit, but no. I can kill a man with my pinky, but they can’t see past the red hair and pretty face. Women are strong and smart and capable, and the world needs to get with the program and stop objectifying and belittling just because we can carry a baby. You think Iron Man or Hawkeye can beat me in a fight? Think again. So, ladies, take advantage of this if you can. If you can’t then beat the system down and make your own rules. You’ll never get anywhere without breaking a few rules (or bones).

Second, I’ve learned that life is worth nothing without people you can trust and rely on. I’ve spent a long time alone. Take it from me. Cherish the time you get with your loved ones, and don’t run away from human connection and trust. My life didn’t truly begin until I found those people. I used to be a tool, just a weapon in the hands of my owners. I never want to go back to that, and I won’t. So, take chances, make connections, don’t be afraid to love. A life without love is nothing worth living

It’s been a pleasure,

Natasha Romanov, Black Widow

(P.S. Check out this compilation of iconic Black Widow moments, I promise you’ll enjoy it.)

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