How New Moon Should Have Gone

Mini Assignment #4: Remix

Let’s be honest, if you were a pre-teen or teenage girl between 2008 and 2012, you were likely mesmerized by Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, which follows Bella, a human girl, and her dramatic love triangle with Edward Cullen (a vampire) and Jacob Black (a werewolf). If you did have a (somewhat embarrassing) Twilight phase, you were also likely dying over how Bella acted just like I was. Bella is over the moon in love with Edward, until she gets hurt by a baddie vampire, James, and Edward decides he has to move away and dump Bella like last week’s trash to keep her safe. Edward takes Bella out on a walk in the woods behind her house and breaks up with her brutally and tells her that she was just a pet and that he never loved her, and she just falls apart.

That’s the base of what happens in New Moon (here’s the book and the movie). Bella just shuts down and loses it when Edward leaves, and she stops talking to her friends, she has nightmares every night, and she starts doing dangerous things because they cause her to have hallucinations of Edward telling her to stop. Then enters Jacob Black, one of her acquaintances (and secretly a werewolf). Jacob picks Bella up and helps her heal, but he becomes possessive and pushy, trying to make her love him and forget Edward.

Nowwww, let’s just rewind and remix it. Here’s how it should have gone. Edward takes Bella out to the woods and tells her that she was just a pet and that he never loved her, and instead of having a mental break down and passing out, she stands up for herself and doesn’t accept that treatment. In my dream remix, she just cusses Edward out and leaves. I think that the twilight series is great for many reasons, but Bella is the least main character like main character ever. I would remix it and empower Bella and make it so that she isn’t a floor mat to trod on.

In order to be the main character, I would give her a lot more confidence and self-assurance that she doesn’t need men to prop her up and make her special. Bella moves on from Edward and doesn’t run to Jacob to make her happy, she works on herself and her mental health, and takes charge of her life. When Jacob starts to push for them to be together, Bella should create solid boundaries, and if he crosses them, she shouldn’t just put up with it. Bella’s feelings for Jacob are conflicted, but she should look further into what she wants from life and work towards that. Whether that means dating Jacob or being happy on her own.

So, that’s how I would remix New Moon from the Twilight series and make Bella into the best (in my opinion) main character she can be.

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